Feb 25 and 26 are National Adjunct Awareness Day!

Across the country, adjuncts are striking for recognition and better working conditions.  We are not striking – but we ARE raising awareness of the very significant contribution we make to UML.

Please participate Wednesday and Thursday. Wear your Blue Ribbon with Pride!

Wednesday and Thursday: Tell Your Students Who We Are:

572 Adjunct Faculty Members vs. 448 Tenure Track Faculty at UML

We are all members of the Adjunct Faculty Union

Nationally, 70% of all faculty are adjunct – the trend has been toward more adjuncts

Ask your Students:  if they can tell the difference between an adjunct and tenured professor, or if they know what the difference is

Explain Tenure:

  • Guaranteed job at the University
  • Difficult to get – long process, publication, committee approval
  • Good salaries and benefits
  • Voice in governance

Explain being Adjunct:

  • Technically, means “extra.”
  • 60-70% of faculty are adjunct – not “extra”
  • Many have PhD’s
  • Many have interesting work experience/achievements outside of the university
  • Teaching is our main job at the University
  • Easier to get hired as adjunct
  • Little job security
  • No retirement or health care
  • Low pay
  • Unionized 3 years ago – many improvements since then

Allow some time for question and answer.

Hand out the Bookmarks!