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Posted by UMass Lowell Union of Adjunct Faculty (UAF/UAW) on Sunday, September 13, 2015


Feb 25 and 26 are National Adjunct Awareness Day!

Across the country, adjuncts are striking for recognition and better working conditions.  We are not striking – but we ARE raising awareness of the very significant contribution we make to UML.

Please participate Wednesday and Thursday. Wear your Blue Ribbon with Pride!

Wednesday and Thursday: Tell Your Students Who We Are:

572 Adjunct Faculty Members vs. 448 Tenure Track Faculty at UML

We are all members of the Adjunct Faculty Union

Nationally, 70% of all faculty are adjunct – the trend has been toward more adjuncts

Ask your Students:  if they can tell the difference between an adjunct and tenured professor, or if they know what the difference is

Explain Tenure:

  • Guaranteed job at the University
  • Difficult to get – long process, publication, committee approval
  • Good salaries and benefits
  • Voice in governance

Explain being Adjunct:

  • Technically, means “extra.”
  • 60-70% of faculty are adjunct – not “extra”
  • Many have PhD’s
  • Many have interesting work experience/achievements outside of the university
  • Teaching is our main job at the University
  • Easier to get hired as adjunct
  • Little job security
  • No retirement or health care
  • Low pay
  • Unionized 3 years ago – many improvements since then

Allow some time for question and answer.

Hand out the Bookmarks!

Did you miss our First Adjunct Social (photos)? The next one comes up this week.

We’re going to have a tour of the art gallery and hear about some work done by Professional Development recipients.

EVENT: Adjunct Faculty 2nd Social Gathering
​DATE: Thursday Evening, February 19
TIME: 5:30 PM – 7 PM​
​PLACE: ​​UMass Art Gallery – South Campus​ 1st floor of Mahoney Hall at 870 Broadway Street


About 30 people attended the UML Union of Adjunct Faculty Holiday Party on Saturday December 6, at Western Avenue Studios. There was consensus among all present that we should try to schedule more social events throughout each semester.