The number of full-time administrators at the University of Massachusetts Lowell is way up, according to federal data. Growing administrative ranks at colleges is a national trend, but the seven-fold increase on the Lowell campus over the past ten years stands out as one of the highest.

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Did You Know?

Participation in Faculty Meetings

Article 11.1 of our contract stipulates that in each Department, Adjunct Faculty may send one or two Adjunct Faculty members to Department meetings.  We bargained for this right because, often, adjunct faculty members don’t know what’s going on in their own departments, and don’t know about changes or policies that may affect them.  Our representatives at the meeting can keep other adjunct faculty informed.

If you would like to be the representative for your department, and attend meetings, please let us know.  Some departments are already covered, but many are not.

In some departments, adjunct faculty are welcomed at meetings, and in some, this has become an issue of contention.  If you’re interested in representing your department, please contact anyone in the union leadership team, and we’ll explain the process to you.

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