Step One:  Check Eligibility Guidelines:

Go to the Professional Development Category Archives on the Union website: <>

Both the Eligibility Guidelines and the Professional Development Request are below this post.

Disregard the line that says:  “Application for funds and receipts must be submitted to the Union on the approved form within 15 days of the event.”  You must submit your receipts within 15 days of the event.

Step Two: Apply

If you meet the eligibility guidelines, complete the Funding Request and submit it electronically.

You will be notified when your request is approved by the Union and the Administration.  If you don’t hear anything within a couple of weeks, check back with Tess George at

Step Three:  Attend the Professional Development Event

Keep all receipts for travel, lodging and registration fees.  Meals are not included.

Step Four:  Submit your receipts

E-mail copies of your receipts to

Step Five:

Look for your reimbursement in your regular bi-monthly pay.